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IFN-1 status: what it means for your SLE patients

IFN-1 high patients are at a greater risk for severe disease


IFN-1 Test for Lupus


DxTerity® Type-1 Interferon Test for Risk Assessment

  • High IFN-1 levels increase the risks for lupus nephritis
  • Specific patient subgroups are at a greater risk for high IFN-1 and disease progression
  • IFN-1 status can serve as a prognostic indicator for disease activity and therapeutic response
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Each lupus patient’s disease is unique, but specific biomarkers like Type-1 Interferon (IFN-1) are known to play a role in SLE disease activity.

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RNA Monitoring
Protein Biomarkers


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Therapy Selection
and Care Recommendations

By measuring a patient’s biomarkers, it may be possible to predict disease progression, response to standard therapy, and may help to identify patients that may benefit from targeted therapy.



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